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Protect yourself and others Very effective for filtering dust and bacteria. Consisting of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, this full face mask is machine washable everyday mask washable at 90 ° C and therefore reusable, 2 layers with, for example, engagement. replaceable filter. Effectively blocks spla..
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Vitility Heat pad around. The Warmte pad is a cushion that offers relaxation and relief to joints and muscles through heat. By pressing the metal plate in the Heat pad, heat is generated within a few seconds. The Heat pad can be used again and again. After the heat pad has cooled down, you can easil..
Stock: 139
Leg and back cushion inflatable for a comfortable position with the dimensions 62 x 61 x 20 cm If you are bedridden, you may have to sit or lie in a certain position for a long time. As a result, it can happen that in the long run you will start to suffer from your legs or your back. Constantly sitt..
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Stock: 310
The FOXMED Easy Socks donning aid is a very user-friendly sock and stocking donning aid that not only offers support when putting on and taking off your socks and stockings (up to class 2), but also acts directly as an extra large shoehorn. The FOXMED Easy Socks donning aid is shaped in such a way t..
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Stock: 995
The tablet splitter makes it easy to split a tablet in half. A blade in the holder ensures that the tablet is split in two. The tablets can be stored in the front pocket. Dimensions of the tablet splitter: 82x32x25mm Dimensions of the drip tray: 30x32x7mm..
Stock: 1137
When you are in bed and can't easily go to the toilet, this collection reservoir is an ideal solution for you. You don't have to get out of bed every time and you can empty it or have it emptied into the toilet as soon as possible. Made of easy to clean plastic with handle. Content: 800 ML and execu..
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Stock: 1376
Sock donning aid. The plastic donning aid is suitable for putting on socks and stockings. The sock or stocking is simply pulled over the donning aid. One puts the toes in the resulting opening and pulls on the donning aid and at the same time pulls the sock or stocking over the foot. sock puller The..
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Stock: 723
Powerball to stimulate muscles and nerves Due to a condition or an accident you can suffer from the nerves in your hand or fingers. But it could also be that you suffer from stiff muscles. In either case, it is difficult to use your hands and fingers properly. For example, to grab something you need..
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Stock: 891
Vitality Bandage wrap elbow. The bandages are made of a high quality elastic material and provide firm support. The bandages can be used during sports as well as for daily use...
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Stock: 15147
Vitility Pill Pouches. Handy pill pouches to organize your pills. The set consists of 4 large bags (morning, afternoon, evening, night) and 50 small bags. You can fill the small bags to indicate your daily stock and these can easily be carried in the large bag. The bags are reusable and easy to writ..
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Stock: 159
Universal plastic toilet bucket with lid. This toilet bucket is also equipped with a lid and handle, and the bucket is easy to clean. In addition, this universal plastic toilet bucket is easy to use with your toilet and post chair. The toilet bucket fits most toilet and potty seats. By means of the ..
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Stock: 373
Zipper ring. The zipper ring with the large ring gives the handle of a zipper better grip. Suitable for various zippers with an opening. Curious about how Vitility's products make your life easier? Read it in our blog about the Vitility range!..
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