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Stock: 1790
HYGIENE PLUS TEXTILE 500 ML ERES Wash additive for deep cleaning until the end of the wash cycle against unpleasant odors and for perfect hygiene. Cleans in depth: where with a normal wash, the cleaning stops with the rinsing, your textiles with Eres Hygiene Plus + Textiles are further treated with ..
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Stock: 276
For crystal clear windows A streak-free and crystal-clear result with the professional Marktop window squeegee. Cleaning windows can be a tricky task, especially if you're trying to avoid streaks and smudges. This professional quality Marktop window squeegee is the answer to all these problems. This..
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Stock: 287
Handy plastic storage box to carry a banana. Prevents bruising and/or brown spots in the banana. Ideal for on the go. A holder in which you can take a banana to work or school, without your banana getting brown spots or breaking in your bag. The banana box can be cleaned in the top rack of the dishw..
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Stock: 1000
These carrier bags are made from recycled plastic bottles and thus form an environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic carrier bag. They fold up small, making them convenient to take with you. Ideal for handing out at conventions or industrial conferences, these printed tote bags are generou..
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Stock: 43
Holding handle with anti-slip function. Fixed aluminum handle of 145 cm high with ergonomic handle...
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Storage box plastic transparent Storage box plastic transparent
New -100%
Stock: 7150
Handy plastic storage box. Inside is a divider with 8 compartments. It is possible to remove the divider, which makes it possible to place larger things in it...
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