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- In Africa Screams: Two heroes in socks hunting in Africa. Not without worries as they are kidnapped by a gang looking for a place where diamonds are said to be hidden. This of course promises a chaotic journey full of encounters with giant monkeys, lions and combative natives. If that's okay! - Ja..
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The Baby Troll In these six episodes, David and the fox Swift are captured by the trolls, David tries to heal an Italian girl who is seriously ill, Hugh the baby troll helps him save two deer that have become entangled with their antlers, David teaches us how to build a gnome house and we visit a re..
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This film contains exercises tailored to people over fifty. The program consists of practice sessions of 10 minutes per day, from Monday to Sunday. You repeat the series of exercises week after week for as long as you wish. Step by step you will work on your condition with a permanent result!The mag..
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Since the first ice show was hosted by Carl Snyder and Donn Arden in Toledo Ohio in 1943, Holiday on Ice has remained the world's largest itinerant ice show. To date, more than 320 million visitors have visited the show in 620 cities in more than 80 different countries and on 5 continents. Holiday o..
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